At Unique Chapters, we aim to create the perfect service to reflect your loved one’s life as well as capture their character appropriately, precisely and sensitively.
We pride ourselves in the word unique, as every funeral service is written exclusively about the person who has passed away.
In order to do this effectively, we call the family, arrange an informal meeting and discuss the deceased so we can plan and structure the funeral service together.
The service might include a religious, non - religious/humanist or spiritual context and/or indeed any combination of the above.
With this in mind, hymns, biblical/religious readings, songs and prayers can all/some or none be chosen at your request and incorporated into the funeral service.
Perhaps you wish to write and deliver your own tribute in the way that you feel best to reflect your loved one, or request that we speak/present the service on the day?
Our primary aim is to capture and celebrate the life of a loved one in the best possible manner and we feel very privileged to be able to do this with you, in order to honour your loved one.
Unique Chapters will liaise with you from the first point of contact onwards to keep you informed about the service content and plans and to ascertain that it is perfectly correct. We will also forward a copy of the service to you to keep.
When saying a final farewell to a loved one, we pride ourselves in being part of the final journey by celebrating their life in an absolute respect filled, caring and empathetic manner.
We aim to see beyond convention and aim for creative, individual, personal and heartfelt ceremonies especially for you.
After all………there’s nothing more special than you!
There is a sacredness in tears,
They are not the mark of weakness,
But of power,
They speak more than ten thousand tongues,
Tears are the messengers of overwhelming grief and unspeakable love.