Eulogy Writing
A eulogy is a speech given at a funeral or memorial service in a way that thoughts, feelings and memories are presented on behalf of family and friends to honour the deceased.
Eulogies can be written and read by family and/or friends which some people do, but there are people who either do not like to speak in front of others or feel that they are unable to because of grief.
Unique Chapters offers a service which includes writing for the actual funeral day, in preparation for death. Perhaps someone is terminally ill, or simply chooses to be prepared and therefore wants the eulogy written in advance. - for that day in the future - despite  current age and/or health status.
This means that anyone at anytime and at any age, can choose us to write a meaningful and heartfelt service which not only takes away pressure from family members - later down the line - but also gives the opportunity of having incorporated whatever one wishes into their personal tribute.
Many people write wills for the same reasons as well as make burial or cremation plans so let’s call it being prepared  that little bit more and just thinking ahead.
In order to prepare your eulogy, we call you and, distance permitting – we can even arrange Skype discussions – we meet up and discuss the person, style and type of tribute to write as well as talk about music, hymns, poetry and prayers if any/none or all of these are to be included.
This is to make sure that absolutely every area has been thought through and discussed. Spaces/blank areas can also be left as some people wish to only write up to a certain point in their lives, for example the first  thirty, fifty or seventy years.
After writing the tribute/eulogy we email a copy to make sure it is perfect and thereafter you have it all ready to keep safe and sound with a weight off your shoulders, in the knowledge that it is a perfect accurate reflection of you and your wishes should/when you pass away.