About Us
Unique Chapters Philosophy
The services we offer
Each one we make unique
For everyone is special
From humble down to chic
We write the words
To suit your needs
And a bit of love we add
We always strive to get it right
Whether happy event or sad
Youíre so important to us
Letís share your special day
Trust in us and work with us..
To create the day your way
Our passion lies with people
With pride we work with you
Working with your hopes and dreams
To help them all come true
If your vision is your wedding day
With theme and place and style
We take our time to meet you
And greet you with a smile
We listen talk and document
Every special word and phrase
To create your perfect ceremony
True and honest in every way
No matter what the service is
We know we can provide
A wedding day, a naming day
Or for someone who has died
We hope our roles as celebrants
With every word we say
Will inspire you and in-part to you
A legacy of your day
We dedicate our time to you
And promise to be the best
So call on us whichever way
And put us to the test
(Denise Lochrie 2015)

What a special role I have been called to, being an Independent Celebrant. It was truly meant to be.  Despite having different career experiences Ė BSc (Hons) in Midwifery, Research Midwife, Innovator of Maternity devices, Medical Representative and Wedding and Events Planner - I believe that they have all served their purpose and moulded me into who I am today.†
I am outgoing, compassionate and caring and it encourages me to know that I have the capacity - in this amazing and wonderful role of being a celebrant - of touching the lives of others in a memorable way.† †I embrace the challenge of creating special and bespoke ceremonies and am thrilled and privileged to be part of ever-lasting and special memories in the unique and diverse chapters of peoplesí lives.

I am so privileged to be part of such important and unique ceremonies in peoplesí lives.  My background in Performing Arts (since childhood) has certainly helped to inject confidence when delivering/presenting services.  I believe that I am also a naturally caring, compassionate and approachable type of person and I enjoy working either independently or alongside my mother Denise whom I trained with as an Independent Celebrant. We both share the same passion and professional work ethic and feel so honoured when we are called to conduct ceremonies whatever the occasion, and look forward to meeting you!