Imagine having the peace of mind in the knowledge that you have given your beloved pet whether its a dog, cat, bird, rabbit - or even a horse the appropriate and most loving send off they deserve when they have died.
They have been part of the family and you have together created a bond, which only other animal lovers will truly comprehend.
Traditionally, vets will dispose of the body but why is this necessary when you can have a beautiful and heart felt farewell ceremony in the place of your choice where you know exactly where your pet will be either laid to rest or scattered?
There are indeed many wonderful places around the country which are surrounded by nature and countryside settings. If it is a cremation you would like, that can be organised or maybe you would prefer a burial in a pet cemetery?
Unique Chapters will help you organise your pets funeral the way you wish it to be and write or assist you  to write a service, read poems and/or even sing!.
Pets give us so much of themselves throughout their lives and for many pets, you are indeed their entire life! So, what better way to respect and honour your pet than to give them the wonderful send off they deserve.
Pet Funerals