Ashes can be scattered in the local cemetery, your place of choice or perhaps with a little imagination and creativity, they might be sent to space, cast out at sea or indeed some of the ashes used to make a a special piece of  jewellery or keepsake.
Everyone is different, and of course each person is unique with different ideas and expectations.
A favourite and popular way is to scatter the ashes in a place which the deceased once loved. However it is worth noting that careful consideration should be given if/when choosing a beauty spot in proximity of other people.
For those who wish to make a memory of the occasion, you can choose to have a personal and respectful service by Denise and/or Nathalie at Unique Chapters for the last journey of your loved one.
We can scatter their ashes for you or indeed you, or everyone present, can participate in the final casting of ashes back onto the earth.
Scattering of Ashes