As... every chapter in a person’s life IS unique, from birth right through to passing on...
We believe that each one of us has the individual right to imprint our own legacy and specialness in this world by creating unforgettable memories.
Whatever the event, we pride ourselves in tailoring our ceremonies to your expectations and requirements whether religious, part religious, non -religious or spiritual.
How wonderful to have the opportunity of having a choice, away from rigid constraints and perhaps expectations of others, ritual, habit and/or tradition, where originality might not necessarily be the main focus.
At Unique Chapters, mother and daughter team Denise & Nathalie believe exclusively that it is all about YOU.
If it is a wedding you are planning then surely it should encompass all YOUR dreams and desires?
After all, it is your day !
If it’s saying a final farewell to a loved one, then we pride ourselves in being part of the final journey by celebrating their life in an absolute respect filled, caring and empathetic manner.
We aim to see beyond convention and aim for creative, individual, personal and heartfelt ceremonies especially for you.
After all………there’s nothing more special than you!