Why renew wedding vows?
Perhaps you have reached a milestone anniversary (10, 20, 25 or 50 years) together and want to celebrate this with your partner, family and friends.
Maybe you have overcome a major crisis that has tested you through and through and you want to make a new beginning to strengthen your bond in your relationship.
It might be that you did not have the wedding of your dreams for whatever reason the first time round. Maybe money was an issue for example and now you want to do it all again, in the presence of loved ones and friends.
Perhaps your friends and family were not able to celebrate your wedding with you and missed your special day. So, now it is time to celebrate your vow renewal ceremony in style exactly where and with whom you want!
Of course it could also be that you want to reaffirm marriage for no other reason than to demonstrate how much your love has grown.
You can also involve your children and/or grandchildren in all your plans to make it extra special and meaningful.
At Unique Chapters we will be overjoyed to offer to help you plan and arrange your vow renewal service by either writing part or all of the service or just merely being there to present your service by reading what you have prepared.
Vow Renewals