The greatest of all things and the most wonderful experience in the world is to love.
For as long as human beings have walked on this earth, there have been those who have shared their love with a person of the same gender.
Despite some prejudice in society, many people today wish to affirm and celebrate their love and commitment to one another by having a same sex wedding.
Couples are able to share and demonstrate to their families and friends the validity and beauty of this special way of loving which is recognised across the world today.
This is a time of joy, happiness and unity and a time to celebrate a wonderful event.
At Unique Chapters we would be delighted to share your beautiful day with you. We will meet with you, and together plan and organise the most special and unique day of your dreams.
We are more than happy to have as little or as much input in the writing of the ceremony as you desire and will be thrilled to deliver the service according to your dreams and wishes.
Your wedding day is a demonstration of commitment and love which affirms a union of worth……… let’s celebrate with joy and happiness!
Same Sex Weddings