How wonderful to celebrate the arrival of a new baby into the family and circle of friends by means of a Baby Naming Ceremony.
A naming ceremony is a way of acknowledging and introducing your child to their name which, they will carry with them for the rest of their life.
Many parents feel as though they prefer to let their child choose their own beliefs - when they are at an appropriate age to do so – with regards to religion.
Baby naming and/or child naming ceremonies generally have no fixed rituals and it is all dependent on the parent’s choice and their vision for the day. However, we would be more than happy to include elements of religion and/or spiritual input if you desire this or be equally happy to keep the ceremony completely non – religious.
Our aims are to help you plan the perfect and most appropriate naming day which will address your hopes, dreams and expectations and then deliver the ceremony for you in a professional and beautiful way that you will look back on and reflect with joy and happiness.
We can help you choose the words or write them for you as well as help guide you with music, poetry and general planning of this significant occasion in your child’s life.
Together we will discuss the best way to give your little one an amazing and beautiful naming day which will be talked about for years to come.
As we all come together on your special naming day,
We’ll love you now and forever, and protect you come what may
We’ll shelter you from harm and guide you on your way,
Shower you with affection, and care for you every day.
So much you can achieve in life, the doors are open wide,
With every stride your destiny, and your family by your side.
How wonderful to share with you this special celebration
Acknowledgement that you are you in this and every nation
How special is this day today for we dedicate this name
To take with you with pride and joy for you it burns the flame
Of love and hope and unity for everyone you meet
Depicting friends and family, success without defeat
And as we name you formally we stand witness to this day
We name you ……………………
And give with love your special name today.
(Denise Lochrie)
Baby Namings